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doctor with mask and gloves walking through brush


A portrait of a medical examiner’s office in South Texas that works to identify people

$1,900.00 Raised 6.33%
black and white image of bats

The Cave Without a Name

A feature-length ode to night and

$15,000.00 Raised 20.00%
two hands clasped in black and white with veins highlighted in grey and red

When the Rivers Speak

If we listen, the water is telling us where to go. This experimental documentary explores a journey through a paradigm

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Etel Adnan sitting at table painting surrounded by painting supplies


Adnan is a lyrical documentary portrait of artist and writer Etel Adnan, shot over the final five years

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La Frontière

La Frontière is a poetic documentary portrait of Maine’s border with Canada, exploring the history and culture

$15,000.00 Raised 75.00%


Visionary artist Fakir Musafar and the body modification movement.

$26,962.38 Raised 26.96%
New York, United States (US)

The Experiment Station

Logline After more than a century of extractive and toxic farming from both the sugar and biotech

$400.00 Raised 2.00%

Serious Play

Serious Play is a feature-length comedic documentary about the International Jugglers Association Festival,

$12,456.00 Raised 49.82%
Los Angeles, United States (US)

The Cost of Salt

The Cost of Salt is a limited-series audio documentary about Black history and the

$5,000.00 Raised 25.00%
Chicago, United States (US)

Breaktide Productions

Breaktide Productions is a media production company owned and operated by women of color, and rooted in intersectional

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Oakland, United States (US)

Confessions of a Good Samaritan

I decided to become a “Good Samaritan” by giving one of my kidneys to a stranger. Now I am making a film to explain why.

$98,865.00 Raised 39.55%
New York, United States (US)


THE MOTHERSHIP: 2050 is an inspiring documentary about a woman facing her own extinction and the extinction of the

$11,760.00 Raised 29.40%
Brooklyn, NY, United States (US)