Etel Adnan sitting at table painting surrounded by painting supplies

Adnan is a lyrical documentary portrait of artist and writer Etel Adnan, shot over the final five years of her life. In her 90s, experiencing a surge of International acclaim, she is processing the past. attentive to the present, and working with philosophic depth and feeling.


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Can you help us complete the final stages of Adnan, a feature documentary and expressive portrait of artist and writer Etel Adnan, shot in close collaboration with the artist over the last five years of her life?

We are almost there and have had some great attention, including great buzz for our rough cut coming out of Cinéma du Réel’s Works in Progress section — but need some funds to finish.   We have been able to get this far with small grants, donations, and deferred costs.  We are looking for your help to fund the last 40% to finish the film (final edit polish, final sound design, mix, picture grading, online, etc.) to bring the film into the world. We hope to complete the film in early summer.  Can you help?

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Any + all donations are hugely appreciated and will get project updates.

$50 and up will receive three digital postcards from the film

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ABOUT THE FILM Adnan is a creative documentary film made in close collaboration with celebrated artist and writer Etel Adnan. Shot during visits with Adnan over the last five years of her life, the film is a portrait of Adnan in her fullness of being. As she draws in her studio, paints, writes, lives, she also is processing the world, talking about the thickness of time, about life-as-thinking, about languages as vibrations, the pleasures of exile, the power of symbolic experiences, what it means to belong to the Arab world, to California and to the earth.  Thinking through her past and in the middle of international acclaim, Adnan is most interested in the present. The film, in its intimacy with Adnan and expressive use of form, creates a unique subjectivity of Adnan in her world, bringing the viewer closer and closer to Adnan’s ideas and her own powerful attention.


Marie Valentine Regan is an American filmmaker based in Paris. She got her start in film at Coppola’s American Zoetrope, studied experimental film at the SF Art Institute and earned her MFA in film from Columbia University. A MacDowell Colony fellow, her work has screened and won prizes at many international festivals including Zinebi Bilbao, São Paulo, Woodstock, Nashville and Palm Springs. Her work has also screened in museums including the Museum of Sound and Image (São Paolo), Pera Museum (Istanbul), K20 (Dusseldorf), and KINDL (Berlin). In 2015, she co-directed (w/Chi-hui Yang) the Oberhausen Film Symposium. She has taught film for many years in New York and in Paris where she now lives.
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I first saw Etel Adnan’s work at the 2014 Whitney Biennial where her vivid paintings struck me. Months later, relocated to Paris and lonely, I wandered into an art bookshop and saw three of Adnan’s images on the wall, an encouraging sign. That night on the phone I told my mother about seeing these paintings and she gasped, “Etel Adnan was my philosophy professor in college!” I also discovered Adnan was a major poet and that a New York friend had recently published a collection of her work. When he gave me Adnan’s email, I wrote telling her how much her paintings had meant to me, and how much her presence had meant to my mother decades before. I did not expect a reply. The next day she called, inviting me to her home. When she opened the door she said, ‘ma petite fille’ (granddaughter).

In the early years of our friendship, the last thing I wanted was to make a film about her, not wanting to be another person claiming her time for a project. But soon, I realized my closeness to her and my understanding of her work gave me a chance to make a film that might reveal her in an immediacy and depth that had not yet been done. A few years in, Adnan told me she had had a sixth sense that I should make this film. I could not be more grateful for Etel Adnan’s presence in my life, and for her participation and presence in this film.

– Marie Valentine Regan

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