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Support Lindsay Skedgell’s Participation in the CoLab!

Lindsay Skedgell is looking forward to participating in the CoLab and creating work that will ignite positive change through increased awareness and deconstruction of imposed stereotypes.

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Support Catarina de Sousa’s Participation in the CoLab!

Catarina de Sousa is looking forward to merging poetry and visual arts with documentary, and working on a project that challenges her to leave her comfort zone. As an activist journalist, she’s also keen to understand and live close to the political struggles of our current world context.

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Support Bronte Stahl’s participation in the CoLab!

Bronte Stahl is excited to engage with a community of peers that are unified by a love of nonfiction, while divergent in their approaches to the genre, at an institution that has formed the pulse of NYC’s creative documentary scene.

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An Act of Worship

In a time when hate crimes have reached their highest level since 9/11, Trump’s Travel Ban, which was recently upheld by the Supreme Court, has sent a message to Muslims around the world: they are not welcome in…

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Return to the Andes

After living in New York City for 20 years, Nelida Silva (from Soy Andina) returns again to her Peru birthplace — this time with a dream of helping…

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The Mothership 2050

THE MOTHERSHIP: 2050 is an inspiring documentary about a woman facing her own extinction and the extinction of the planet she so viscerally loves. Knowing she has only…

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Contribute to UnionDocs

Like what UnDo is doing up? You can make sure it continues. When you enter UnionDocs, we hope you feel the dedication and the love. It is not the biggest art…

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