Noah & CJ invite you to a private reception and performance of the immersive hit show, Say Something Bunny!

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Noah & CJ invite you to a special
celebration & reception!

 An evening of cocktails, treats, and community with
an exclusive performance & artist’s talk to support
UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art.

December 18, 2019 – 6:30pm
UNDO Project Space, Chelsea, NYC
511 West 20th Street, 2nd Floor


Say What?

With Say Something Bunny!, Alison S. M. Kobayashi and UnionDocs present an enthralling performance based on an amateur audio recording made over sixty years ago. The origin of this audio was a mystery. Two spools of thin steel wire were found tucked inside an obsolete sound device purchased by a collector at an estate sale. There were no labels; no dates, no names, and no context. Through her obsessive research and active imagination along with hundreds of times listening through, Kobayashi decodes the rich dialogue in the recording and discovers the detailed history of an unforgettable Jewish family from New York that bursts with humor, surprise and drama. The one-woman show annotates, illustrates, and reconstructs the scenes of the recording, while revealing the stranger-than-fiction biography of the eldest son, David, who made the wire recordings. Using video, installation, performance and plentiful archival material, Kobayashi leads the audience through a close listening, spinning “a multigenerational yarn of Rothian heights.”

Reviews Say


UnionDocs is thrilled to invite you to a special evening of Say Something Bunny! hosted by our beloved Board President Noah Landow and his kind and generous partner CJ Brody Landow.

Noah has generously bought all 25 tickets in advance. If you’d like to contribute the $200 price for your ticket, we will be happy to reimburse Noah for the full amount of your seat. Any extra donations will go towards UnionDocs’ productions. Please RSVP through this site by clicking on ‘Contribute Now’ at the top of this page.

6:30pm    –  Doors, open bar (wine/beer, specialty cocktails, snacks & treats)
7:30pm    –  Performance begins
10:05pm  –  Performance concludes, brief Q&A and reception
10:30pm  –  Event concludes

*All donations are tax-deductible after the base costs.*



UnionDocs (UNDO) is a Center for Documentary Art that presents, produces, publishes, and educates. Since 2005, we’ve brought together a diverse community on a search for urgent expressions of the human experience, practical perspectives on the world today, and compelling visions for the future. Our programs – including events, workshops, labs, publishing initiatives and productions – are run with the belief that documentary art, when paired with thoughtful context and open debate, is an invaluable tool for understanding the complexities of contemporary life and creating a more compassionate, engaged, and integrated society.

UnionDocs is a place where documentary makers, scholars, experts, and enthusiasts come to develop their projects, share their resources, engage group research and build long-term community. Called, “Williamsburg’s own pocket-size dynamo” by The Village Voice, UnionDocs three-story building (lovingly built out bit by bit over the years) provides a rich and vibrant space where storytelling, visual experimentation, journalism, politics and poetry intersect.




This is urgent work in 2019. We need to not only communicate the important issues of our time more effectively than ever before; we also must explore languages of cinema to represent our diversity,  strengthen community, and generate hope and empathy. Until now, we have not pursued avenues for seed funding from individual donors. While our programs are all thriving and there is a clear need for our presence, the cost of running our programs is increasing.  To be as accessible as possible and to continue sharing our ever-growing resources with more people, we are launching this effort to raise money that will allow us to keep on going forward with our mission to bring people together to push the boundaries of documentary art. Kent Jones, Director of the New York Film Festival noted that UnionDocs plays an essential role in the landscape of documentary and that although “there are many, many documentary organizations and collectives, film festivals and initiatives…there are only a precious few that fulfill their missions so steadfastly, and fewer still whose missions are based on such a clear understanding of documentary filmmaking.” Be a part of the movement to support compelling and urgent storytelling and support UnionDocs today!


Who’s Hosting?

Noah Landow

I founded and am a partner in Macktez, a firm that has worked with creative and innovative companies solving technology challenges for twenty years. Under the name Ligament, I design ornament and jewelry, take photographs, and produce social events. I occasionally write about efficiency and focus. My pronouns are he, him, and his. I study and teach Aikijujitsu Daito-ryu, a traditional Japanese martial art from which Aikido derived. (I hold the rank of Yondan, or fourth degree black belt.) I serve as the board president for UnionDocs, a center for documentary art that generates and shares big ideas through their rich weekly programs of screenings, panels, discussions, and their Collaborative Studio program. I am the board treasurer for the Friends of Buck’s Rock, an alumni group providing full scholarships for city youth to a remarkable arts-focused summer camp. (I learned silversmithing over my five years there as a camper and counselor.) I have lived for a time in Providence, New Haven, San Francisco, London, and Berlin. I moved to New York City in the mid-nineties and have been based in Chinatown, the Lower East Side, and the East Village since. I seek out, document, and post found yellow curiosities around the world, spanning New York, San Francisco, Mexico, Osaka, La Paz, Toronto, Berlin, &c.

CJ Landow

CJ Brody Landow is thrilled to support Data & Society’s important research and community building as Events Production Manager. She is an event producer, educator and project manager whose commitment to gender equality, innovative learning strategies, and the arts has guided her work and advocacy. She has taught and developed theatre, sex education, and English-as-a-foreign language programs in a variety of conversation-starting settings. In 2015, CJ founded her own event production company, Brigade Productions LLC, relying on her foray into finance roles to support her entrepreneurship. Dedicated to producing unique experiences for self-identified women and their allies, its International Women’s Day fundraiser benefitted local nonprofit organizations working for women’s rights around the globe. When not working or volunteering, CJ spends her time crafting, reading, and strolling with her elderly pup Marcel.

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