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Nova Scott-James’ Summer Lab Crowdfunding

by Nova Scott-James

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Nova Scott-James

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From Nova:

I’m in pre-production for my first feature film as a director ! The film is called Wild Darlings Sing The blues (And It’s A Song of Freedom) and it is a joyous marriage of art and activism celebrating poetic justice and black resilience and queer creative genius.  

Wild Darlings Sing The Blues is a feature length documentary following the Wild Darlings, a queer healing arts collective of black women and non-binary activists, as they embark on an epic road trip from New York to a former slave plantation in Virginia. The Darlings are tasked with harnessing their “healer within” to bless the plantation land, honor their ancestors and explore their experiences of racial and gender-based violence. They create a performance art homage to The Blues.

So many collaborators, friends and community members have offered genius support on this epic journey! The work wouldn’t be possible without community and the power of our interdependence.

I was offered a 50% scholarship form Union Docs which leaves $1,600 to raise as my course fee. The remaining $400 will be used to travel to NYC to meet with the cohort a couple of times throughout the 5 week lab. Amtrak is $80 roundtrip and then lodging in BK and food added on to that.

Please do check out the trailer video! And feel free to ask my any questions @
[email protected]


Nova Scott-James is a filmmaker, innovation doula and community organizer from Harlem, NYC.

Her childhood experiences of being flooded with the sounds and culture of jazz has impacted her creative aesthetic greatly as her work honors improvisation, altered states of consciousness, ritual and collaboration.

Nova is also a reiki practitioner and dedicated intuitive worker – she uses these abilities to serve people as a director and creative coach by guiding them in honoring their creative genius.