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As the leading institution in the US solely dedicated to innovative and artful documentary, UnionDocs provides a rich and vibrant space where storytelling, visual experimentation, journalism, politics, activism and poetry intersect. This is urgent work in our contemporary moment; we need not only to parse and communicate the important issues of our time more effectively than ever before, we also need to create new documentary languages that push audiences beyond comfortable worldviews, offer alternate angles of communication about inequality, and create aesthetic and emotional points of reference that can strengthen community, bring hope and generate empathy.

We believe that documentary art, when paired with thoughtful context and open debate, is an invaluable tool for understanding the complexities of contemporary life and creating a more compassionate, engaged, and integrated society.

UnionDocs started from the absolute grassroots as a collection of experimental media-artists, dedicated journalists, and critical thinkers. With your support over the past few years, we have built a thriving organization and a quickly growing community, putting on over 100 events and bringing in over 275 documentary artists last year.

We have a small, effective staff and a growing board of directors. We are scrappy and smart, making the most of our limited resources. Over 70% percent of our income is earned through our programs, which is rather high for a non-profit, and much of the granted income comes from government sources, known to set the bar high for accountability.

By making a contribution, you can preserve the momentum and together we can continue creating a wide range of opportunities for documentary artists, producers, critics, and audiences.

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Kathryn High $50.00 November 29, 2016